Are you struggling with a wet and boggy garden but can't find a solution?

Over the years we have been approached by numerous customers unsure of how to remedy wet and boggy gardens. Our extensive knowledge of garden drainage is second to none and we can usually provide both an efficient and cost effective solution when required.

In most gardens where there is a natural fall we make use of perforated PVC land drains to divert water away from troublesome areas into an available gully or similar. 

Land drain trenches measuring approximately 300mm wide x 300mm deep are excavated, a bottom layer of clean aggregate is installed, followed by the land drains and topped off with more clean aggregate then the existing top layer ie soil and natural turf or gravel is re-instated.

Admittedly, not all gardens (in fact very few) drain in towards the rainwater gully. For many companies this would cause an issue. However, North West Landscaping Solutions have a solution. 

Once the most problematic area of the garden has been identified, we dig a hole large enough to accommodate a 100L perforated barrel and trench out land drains towards the barrel if required. This barrel contains a small but powerful trenching pump which is able to drain the barrel within a matter of minutes. The barrel is surrounded by clean aggregates which act as a filter. The waste water is pumped via a concealed pipe into the nearest gully. All that is required is a 240V external plug socket, which if needed can be installed by our qualified electrician.

During the installation, all land drains, electric cables, water pipe and even the barrel itself is concealed underground, resulting in a unobtrusive finish. The pump runs at a very low volume so once installed and in operation it is impossible to tell that any ground works have been completed. Please see the following images that prove how concealed our solutions really are.


The images on the right are a great example of how land drains and pumping station are installed.

Our customer reported that following moderate rainfall his garden flooded on one side and his grass always looked unkempt. 

Following examination, we concluded that the best remedy would be to collect the excess water from across the lawn utilising 80mm perforated land drains and channel it into the natural lowest point. From there we installed a mains powered pumping station to jettison the excess water away from the lawn and into the closest drain.

Following the installation, we spread new loamy top soil and installed premium natural turf.

Another happy customer!

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