Resin Bound surfaces in Manchester

North West Landscaping Solutions have recently undergone a City and Guilds Assured training course to enable us to install resin bound surfaces. Many customers enquire about our resin bound driveway systems but did you know that resin bound patios are now becoming increasingly popular. The price of resin bound systems when installed in a domestic setting and being used in a foot traffic area is comparable to the cost of traditional natural stone paving. We have personally found the following benefits,

  • Available in over a dozen colours.
  • Can be installed in any shapes.
  • Multiple colours can be used to make geometric patterns.
  • Highly slip resistant.
  • Stain resistant.
  • 100% UV stable.
  • Drains exceptionally well.
  • No standing water. 

To ensure a professional finish is attained we use only the finest UV stable products courtesy of The Resin Mill.

Please see the following case study in relation to one of our recent resin bound projects in Manchester

The first stage during this 32sq/m project was to remove all vegetation and excavate down approximately 250mm to ensure all the soft and sloppy mud was eliminated.

Care was taken around the inspection chamber to ensure no damage was caused to the plastic stack. As you can see the cover was installed too low by the original house builder so this was extended by approximately 100mm to the correct height.

In total approximately 16 tonnes of earth was removed.

Image showing the excavation of our latest resin project. The existing driveway was excavated down to a depth of 250mm. Resin bound manchester
Image showing the driveway now completed excavated. There is a skip on the background showing the amount of earth that was removed. Resin bound surfaces in manchester

Approximately 14 tonnes of MOT was now needed to bring the driveway up the the correct height. To ensure stability, pin kerbs were concreted in place to create the shape of the new driveway.

The MOT was compacted in 50mm layers to ensure good compaction.

A new inspection chamber cover was now installed. This type of cover is designed to take resin bound material so that it matches the rest of the driveway.

The rear of the driveway is to be finished off with decorative aggregate at the customers request.

North West Image showing new pin kerbs that had been installed using concrete. The image also shows a new drainage access point that had been installed along with the first compacted layer of MOT type 3.
Here we can see the completed MOT type 3 which has now been compacted. The image shows the newly levelled drainage cover and resin mixtures ready in the background. natural paving manchester

A thick geotextile membrane was now installed. This material not only suppresses weed growth, it also adds strength to the MOT sub base.

Once the geotextile membrane is cut to size we then spread a 10mm deep layer of grit sand over the top. Grit sand is used as a bedding layer for the next step.

We then install a 40mm thick, interlocking Eco-grid which is manufactured from recycled plastic. These grid are extremely strong and can withstand forces of 800 tonnes per SQ/M. 

Geotextile membrane being laid over the MOT type 3. The geotextile is overlapped by at least 300mm to prevent weed growth. low maintenance garden
The Ecogrids that have been installed over the top of a bed of 10mm grit sand. The grids have been cut to size and ready for the installation of 10mm limestone infill.

The Eco-grids are now back filled with 10mm limestone chippings (1500kg on this project) which are then compacted down into the aforementioned grit sand. This provides a much superior foundation than the traditional tarmacadam or concrete approach. 

The main reason we use the Eco-grid system is to achieve and exceed Sustainable Underground Drainage (SUD'S) compliance. In essence, the sub base drains extremely well which is vital for a quality installation.

19mm high aluminium edgings have now been installed to create a contrasting border for the two colours of resin.

The Ecogrids have now been backfilled with 10mm limestone. The limestone has also been compacted which provides a stable base ready for the resin mixture. Garden decking manchester
Half of the driveway has now been laid to a resin bound mixture. The edges have been prepared to allow a darker picture frame of resin for aesthetics. North west landscaping solutions

As you can see the finished driveway looks amazing!

We ALWAYS install our resin to a depth of 19mm, ALWAYS use a UV stable resin to prevent unsightly discolouration and ALWAYS dust the area with fine glass particles for added slip resistance.

Our customer opted for the main colour of Inverno with the border in Anthracite.

Once installed the driveway is suitable for foot traffic after 24 hours and 72 hours for vehicular use.

The finished article from the kerb side. The image shows road cones that have been left in place to prevent pedestrians from waling on the wet driveway. Low maintenance garden at its best.
The finished article from the kerb side. the best UV stable resin bound driveway

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