Frequently Asked Questions
What is composite decking?

Composite decking is manufactured using three main ingredients, wood fibres, reclaimed plastics and bonding agents. This mixture of ingredients produce an incredibly low maintenance product which is much more durable that timber alternatives. The deck boards we offer, courtesy of Ecoscape come complete with a 20 year warranty (25 on Forma range) This is because composite decking has much higher protection from the elements such as rain and UV damage.

Do I need to obtain planning permission?

Planning permission is required -

  • Where the deck is situated within 20 metres of a road.
  • Where the deck platform is is more than 300mm (12 inches) off the ground.
  • If the structure would affect the amenity value or privacy of a neighbouring property.
  • If the deck is attached to a listed building or situated within a conservation area or national park.

With the exception of a ground level deck, it is advisable that property owners should check that planning regulations do not apply to their proposed structure with their local authority. It is the customers responsibility to obtain planning permission if required.  

Why choose Ecoscape products?

There are many benefits, here is a handful -

  • Easy to maintain, no need to paint, seal or stain.
  • FSC certified
  • Ecoscape composite decking will not rot, warp or splinter
  • Smooth to the touch
  • Anti-slip and conforming to BS 7976-2:2002
  • Simple installation using hidden T clips and colour coded screws
  • Natural aesthetic without any negatives associated with timber
  • Extremely long warranty
  • Ethically sourced recycled materials
Hollow or solid composite boards?

Independent testing has proved that when solid boards are exposed to warm weather, the heat cannot escape as easily as in a hollow board. In turn this expansion can result in swelling and twisting of the board. Ecoscape boards have specially engineered cavities resulting in a length that is not only 30% lighter than comparable solid boards but also provides high dimensional stability for high performance applications.

These boards achieve a greater strength to weight ratio, ensuring minimal drooping and bouncing so the boards feel solid under foot whilst looking great.

Will composite decking fade? 

Again, Independent testing has shown that Ecoscape composite decking have a significantly better colour stability than timber products and most comparable WPC (Wood Plastic Composites) products. Over time some fading may occur but you are not likely to notice as the process will take a number of years. Partial reversal can be achieved with regular pressure washing.

Does composite react to temperature change?

Like all wood-plastic composites, the Ecoscape collection will expand and contract consistently with changes in temperature. The general rule is a 3mm expansion gaps between boards to allow for any movement. The deck surface may increase as much as 30 degrees in direct sunlight. The use of Ecoscape T clips during installation will allow for thermal expansion and contraction without buckling.

What sizes are the boards available in?

Both the Clarity range and Forma range are available in 2900mm and 4800mm length boards. these boards measure 150mm wide and 25mm thick.

Matching accessories are also available to complement your new deck, for example, newel posts, spindles and handrails, fascia boards, angle trims etc. Basically everything needed to construct a beautiful deck that will be the envy of family and friends.

Is my garden suitable for artificial grass?

In most cases the answer is yes? Artificial grass can be installed in place of a real lawn and on top of existing hard surfaces such as paving, tarmac and decking. If you require artificial grass on top of an existing hard standing the simplest way is to lay the grass on top of our shock-pads. Our shock-pads are effectively cushioned but hard wearing underlay which still allow water to drain through. They are available in various thickness which means that the Critical Fall Height depth is easily achievable by combining both sizes. The process for a regular install is detailed below

What is the process of installing an artificial lawn?

The actual installation is fairly straight forward and in truth almost anyone will be capable of the task! North West Landscaping Solutions  have extensive experience installing artificial grass, below is a quick run through the steps involved. All of the existing turf and vegetable matter has to be removed to a depth of approximately 60 - 70mm. This can be done using just a spade but we prefer to use a petrol turf cutter to speed up the process. Once removed this waste has to the be disposed of, which is where a skip comes in handy! Once clear, a sub-base has to be laid to a depth of approximately 50mm in order to level the area. We predominantly use Type 1 MOT which is a mixture of crushed stone in varying sizes which compacts to make a solid base. On top of the sub-base we lay approximately 20mm of granite dust, again this is compacted using a petrol compactor plate to ensure the site is as level as possible. The next step is to lay a heavy duty Geotextile weed membrane which prevents any existing vegetable matter from penetrating the sub-base. Once the Geotextile has been secured the grass is simply rolled out into position, trimmed to the perimeter of the garden and pinned down using galvanised nails. The final step is to lift the fibres of the newly laid artificialgrass using a mechanical brush and clear away the remaining debris! The above steps are just the basics for a simple small lawn. A large lawn for example would require numerous separate rolls of grass joining together using a specific method. North West Landscaping Solutions have a few tricks up our sleeve to obtain a professional finish which of course we are willing to share with our customers!

What are the main benefits?
  • A beautiful green lawn all year round - with minimum maintenance.
  • A lawn that can withstand intensive use without developing bald patches or brown spots.
  • No more mowing! No more watering! No more reseeding!
  • Artificial grass will grow where real grass won't, whether in the shade, under a roof, or even on a roof terrace.
  • Our grass feels soft to touch and has a guaranteed long life thanks to our unique warranty.
Is artificial grass suitable for domestic pets?

Absolutely! Your pets will treat artificial grass just like regular grass, apart from being able to dig it up. Any excrement is easily removed or washed away and a couple of times per year you can use a bespoke disinfectant to remove pathogens and smells. All of our European artificialgrass conforms to strict standards (EN71-3).

We also supply a pet specific grass which has a polyurethane backing instead of the traditional bitumen latex backing. The difference is that this backing repels moisture and in turn stops urine from impregnating and in turn reduces the smell of pet urine.

Which payment methods do you take?

We accept bank transfer, cash and debit/credit card payments at no extra charge.

Image showing the Mastercard and Visa logo showing that we accept card payments when paying for projects.

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